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Andis Master Hair Clipper Review

One of the best selling clippers on Amazon is Andis Master Hair Clippers. No wonder this hair clipper
comes from one of the best companies that produces top quality hair products in USA, Canada and UK.

Andis, the company that produces Andis Master Hair Clipper, has been in business of hair clippers and trimmers for a very long time. This company is pioneered by Matthew Andis together with Henry Meltzser and John Oster, and has been providing top quality hair trimming and cutting products. Andis Master Hair clipper is one of their latest revolutionary hair products.

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Product Details of Andis Master Hair Clipper.

First, you are entitled to full one year limited warranty after purchasing this product. In case if anything happens your clipper, Andis will take charge of it and put it back to normal condition.

This amazing product is rated by over 270 buyers from Amazon websites and the buyers keeps on increasing day by day. It's really a popular hair product and that why it was given 4 out of 5 rating on Amazon site.

Andis Master Hair Clipper comes in 2 by 1.8 by 6 inches dimension and weigh 1 pound. But the shipping weight is 3 pounds (that's after it has be well packaged).

Andis Master Hair Clippers cut hair at the speed of 14,000 cutting strokes per each minute. With this speed you are very certain that you are going to be achieving a faster hair cut.  This product can also be used when you do both dry and wet cutting.

Power and Performance
One of the things that makes this clipper stands out from other clippers is its durability and elegance. It's a heavy duty clipper and it can be used for many hours of the day to cut hairs. Although the clipper is not that heavy and also it's not light as most cheap clippers.

Its aluminum housing is well built and fitted. Meaning if if it falls, it will not shift nor break as most clippers does. It's also adjustable just as you want it. After the normally oiling, the Andis Master Clipper will just stay as you keep it.

Parts and Accessories
It only comes with Andis Master Clipper Guards. This is just a simple manual that quickly put you through on how to use this machine.

You have to buy the comb clips separately. Although it does not come with any accessories, but I must tell you that you have nothing to regret have owning this hair clipper because it's of very good quality. 

Magnetic comb sets are preferably because of its quality and works perfectly well with it.  If there is one accessory I will recommend, it's Andis Magnetic Guide Comb Set. Although which ever one you prefer, it wont disappoint you.

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Its time to hear from some of the people who already bought the clipper. These are their comments:

1)    Great Clipper
This clipper is simply the best I have encountered. I have been cutting my own hair for 15 years and I have become quite good at it. This unit is sharp and precise. It is very solid and durable, in fact the entire thing is metal and aluminum. The motor is unbelievably powerful and is about average noise production. You can really feel the quality of this product once you hold it in your hand. It is expensive but judging on the past few weeks I have owned it, it will last me a lifetime. True, you have to buy the comb attachments separately, but they too are good quality with metal latch, durable and accurate design. Only the lower quality clippers will come with the attachments for the average Suzy Housewife.

2)   Its cutting is quite Sharper
I had an older Andis hair clipper that mysteriously went m.i.a. I'm not familiar with other hair clipper brands but familiar with the Andis reputation. These new clippers are very similar in design to my previous pair, but newer, quieter and a lot sharper. I have no real complaints about the Andis brand.

3)   It cuts very Well
Out of all the clippers I have used, Andis master clipper remains the best. The actual cut of the clippers are nice they do cut well

4)   Its well built
I have been cutting hair for about 18 years and these clippers are the best. Only someone who is well experience can really appreciate a well built machine. If you want precision cuts, these clippers are a must.


Let look at some of disadvantages. These are based on the customers evaluation who has used it:

1)   Get hot after 20 minutes

Some of the users complained that the clipper gets hotter after continuously 20 minutes of usage. I think this not a problem. You really need to be turn it off and on maybe at the intervals of 15 minutes so that it will not get to the point of getting hotter.

2)   The product is heavy.
Some consumers complained that the clipper is a little bit heavy. I can understand why its so because Andis Clippers generally weighs between 1 to 1.5 pounds. I believe that after few months of usage, you will get use to the weight.

Decision is Yours

Talk about an excellent clipper, you are talking about Andis Master Hair Clipper. I highly recommend this clipper despite the few disadvantages from few people. It's a perfect machine that will do outlining and fading very well. So what are you waiting for?  Order one now from Amazon!

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