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Wahl Professional 8110 5-star Series Balding Clipper Review

Wahl Professional 8110 5-star Series Balding Clipper is one of the best clipper you can virtually
find anywhere.

This balding clipper is fully equipped with the necessary tools need to have a clean balding cutting. It comes with surgical blades for full head balding. These blades are very powerful and it allows you to do a nice cutting. If your are looking for a good baling clipper for personal use, Wahl Professional 8110 5-star Series Balding Clipper is exactly what you need.

As you already aware, this balding clipper is manufactured by Wahl, a top brand in hair clippers and trimmers. Wahl corporation is one of the best grooming brands people prefer to especially for hair grooming products such as hair clippers and trimmers.

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  As one of the leaders in professional and home grooming, they have the best products available in the market today. Their innovation in hair cutting is being improved and evolved from time to time. One of them is the balding clipper. Wahl balding clippers boast its uniqueness – famous products they have built designed for men who want their hair cut closer to skin.  They have been producing top quality clippers for over 15 years now and all their clippers are rated very high on Amazon website by satisfied users. You can check it out for your self here.

If you talk about a clipper that can give you a very good bald shave, then you should go buy Wahl Professional 8110 5-star Series Balding Clipper.

Wahl Professional 8110 5-star Series Balding Clipper comes with pivot motor that are very fast, at about double the speed of your average clipper model. The motor runs very quiet, maintaining a peaceful environment and the clipper stays cool for a long period of use.

It is the clipper that will meet all your cutting or shaving requirements; an ultimate time saver machine.

There are two cutting guides, as well, that come with this clipper; one is 1/16 inch, and 3/16 inch.

The clipper also comes with a barber comb, a pre-shave brush, blade guard, and a cleaning brush, meaning you won’t lack anything, whether you’re using this clipper for a 5 o’clock shadow, or to go completely bald.

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Wahl Balding Clipper 8110- Top Advanced Features

  • Single cut clipper.
  • V5000 magnetic motor.
  • Sharpest 6×0 surgical blade.
  • Runs quiet less sound.
  • 2 cutting guides- 1/16 inches and 3/16 inches.
  • Electric clipper.
  • Includes comb, oil, pre-shave brush, cleaning brush and operating manual.
The Wahl Professional 8110 is a hair clipper that can be used as well to clip your beard or mustache. It works well, too, but you need to keep in mind that it is a hair clipper, and be careful; if you get the actual blades too close to your face, this clipper can nick you. This is the same as with any other tool, it’s just that you should be especially careful with the Wahl 8110. The blades are very sharp, as to be expected from a barber tool.

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A Must-Have for Professional Barber, Perfect for Home-Use

If you are a professional barber, you will love this machine and will not want to part with it.

Wahl Clipper 8110 has the quality and attribute of a barber’s tool with the sharpest surgical blade 6X0 that will enable you a precision cut in comfort. This small yet powerful clipper cuts super fast and will give a close cut/shave at lesser time, meaning to say you save lot of time. The motor does not get hot after extended use, which means you can use it continuously for many shave/cut.

This balding clipper is designed not only for professional barber, but is also perfect for home use. This clipper will make you feel like a professional. The clipper comes with a user manual and is very easy to operate.

It is the best balding clipper for your hair; it cuts deep from the hair root giving you a brilliant result even without the final touch with a blade. Even better, it is the best hair clipper before a clean shave with razor. Any of your friend or family members can easily cut the hair for you within few minutes in perfection. So why waste your precious time going to hair saloon and spend away your hard-earned money.

Wahl Professional 8110 5-star Series Balding Clipper works just as advertised, is easy to use, and fairly easy to clean. It doesn’t come cordless, as it is electric, so you’ll need to stay close to an outlet while shaving and keep the cord in mind.

The Wahl Professional 8110 is also strong, and will definitely last longer for you, even if you happen to drop it once or twice. Built to last, this model is also built for all types of hair; even those with coarse hair and heavy beards will get the desired results when using it to trimmer.

As at the time of writing this Wahl Professional 8110 5-star Series Balding Clipper reviewit has over 700 reviews from satisfied consumers  on Amazon website.

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The Wahl Professional 8110 can be found for the best price on – typically under $40. It received an average rating of 4.5 stars on 5 from real users of the product, which is excellent compared to many similar products – one of the top ratings for trimmers. Out of all of the reviews which it has received, an impressive 80% were perfect 5 star reviews.

 Some of the things that users like so much about  Wahl Professional 8110 are its durability, the ease of shaving with it, and the fact that it works well and lasts. This device also received a lot of excellent reviews for the speed and power that it has; it makes shaving quick, saving you time.

Whether you are looking for a hair trimmer or a tool to trim your beard, the Wahl Professional 8110 is an excellent choice for its price range.

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  1. I just go to the barber once a month to clip my hair what I really meed is to clip my beard on a daily basis would this work for that purpose I need ad close as a shave with a razor.


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