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Remington F5790 Pivot & Flex Men’s foil shaver Review

I would recommend this shaver for those of you with a light to medium beard  if you are not too concerned about the shaver’s design, extra features, and simply want a low-budget shaver.

This is not a high end model and will not perform like one. But if you are considering buying a low cost foil shaver, Remington F5790 is the right deal.

What to Expect from Remington F5790

You get a sturdy feel from a body that looks bulky but the curved design and the effective grip allows the shaver to sit comfortably in your hand while you shave. It is easier to handle than it looks.

At this price, this is a great shaver that comes with three blades , it performs much like the later series of  three blade systems such as the 6 or 7 series. This is far better than the two blade system in the F-4 model and comes with the price difference of around $5 or less.

The ergonomic design of the head allows easy flexing and pivoting to follow the contours of your face and neck with ease, dealing effectively with the commonly mentioned “tough” areas for shavers. The performance that comes with this inexpensive electric shaver makes it a fair deal.

The addition of a Titanium coated foil and blade is clearly designed for long lasting performance. With a 2 year limited guarantee, the blades and the foil should last longer than you expect with careful servicing and handling of the product, especially during the cleaning process or when packing away for travel. That said, careful reassembling during the cleaning process is recommended to avoid damage to the delicate foil.

A powerful battery life is a bonus point for travel and quick shaves. However, without a pouch you may have to balance that with the inconvenience and hassles.


Honesty, if you have a tough beard or have to deal with long hair after the weekend, we simply recommend you consider upgrading to a higher level shaver like the Panasonic ESLV61-A or a Braun 7 series , its a no brainer. Eliminating the problem of dealing with the toughest hair, this is an awesome deal for decent, smooth shaves without any complaints, for thin beards, or short stubble whether you are at home or on the move.

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