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The Most Crucial Aspects for My Electric Shaver

There are certain things I expect my shaver to accomplish on top of getting a close shave.

 Modern shavers can be expensive and getting a close shave is just one item on my my list of expectations. Shavers such as Panasonic ESLV81-K Arc 5 cost more than $300.

In fact, don’t expect to pay less than $200 for any high-end shaver. Given this fact I expect my shaver to do a lot more than giving me a close shave. If close shaving is my only concern I would stick with a razor blade.

And yes, modern shavers are packed with features, so much so that even I get confused as to what is really critical to my needs among all the quality features on offer. We might end up paying for things we simply don’t need. So, I won’t just buy a shaver because it is a high-end shaver. I would look for my factors with any shaver before I buy.


As mentioned, this is my #1 factor, and there is no point buying a shaver that fails to give the desired closeness. I really like Braun electric shavers when it comes to the closeness I expect from my shaver.

Another top rated, Panasonic electric shavers are more powerful and ideal for people with very thick facial hairs, but to get that power you have to pay more. If you are looking for a close shave from a rotary shaver then Philips electric shavers such as Philips Norelco SensoTouch 3D are highly recommended.

Comfort and Convenience

A very important reason why we buy electric razors is because they are more comfortable and convenient than manual razors. There is no sense using an electric razor without comfort and convenience. I won’t bother with electric shavers that causes skin irritation or razor burns like a razor blade.


Speed is very important for me. If I spend around 10 minutes using a manual blade to shave, I expect to accomplish the same task in 2 – 3 minutes with electric shavers. The motor power of the shaver and the number of blades are responsible for speed and closeness.
For me, with a medium thick beard, the ideal motor power is somewhere around 8000 CPM (cycle per minute). For the mid-range of motor power Remington electric shavers are a great choice especially for the price. Braun’s top shavers will offer around 10,000 CPM and Panasonic around 14,000 CPM.

Battery Life

Battery life is important when you want to use your shaver cordless. This is especially true when you travel and it is not always convenient to charge your shaver. Most of the top rated shavers will offer 50 – 60 minutes of cordless shaving, between charges, which is excellent.

Replacement Parts, Consistency and Durability

I also make sure that replacement parts for my shaver are easily available and reasonably priced. I don’t want to end up paying a fortune for replacement parts which often happens which top rated shavers.

Consistency is something I never overlook. I don’t like my shavers to perform as advertised for only a few months. I expect it to perform very well for the many years it is expected to last.

I don’t expect my shavers to last forever just because they are expensive but I expect at least 5 – 6 years of durability. I know I will be buying a new shaver every year or so (being such a fan of electric shavers) but I like to keep options open. I also like to gift old electric shavers to my family members. So, durability is definitely important.

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