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Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade Review

 Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade is a powerful trimmer and well known for its outstanding job.

 If you prefer a trimmer with a close shaving experience for your head and beards, get the Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade.

It has extremely fine cutting teeth for close cutting which is best suited for dry shaving. Not only that, this clipper is also useful for clipping around the ears, neck, mustache and beards without running loudly.

The Andis Trimmer is an amazingly good product for shaving; it is extremely durable. It is produced by the famous Andis Company, Inc which is headquartered in the USA. The company, which manufactures topnotch tools to cut, trim, straighten and dry hair, was established in the year 1922. The supplies also include coffee makers, dryers and steam irons. Hence the Andis Company caters to stylists and barbers, animal groomers, shearers, consumers, hotels, motels, and resorts internationally.

It has a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon with over 800 reviews. It is available in grey and black colors. The grey measures 1.8 x 1.5 x 5.2 inches and weighs 1 pounds (with a shipping weight of 1.6 pounds). It is the eleventh best-selling product in Amazon’s Trimmers & Clippers sub-category. The black has a dimension of 7.8 x 3.9 x 10.5 inches with a shipping weight of 1.2 pounds.

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In this review, I will be discussing my personal findings about Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade.

The T-outliner clipper is considered one of the best trimmers with adjustable blade. As the name implies, this Andis product features a wide “T-shaped” blade design and comes with a one year manufacturer warranty. It is very simple to use and the blade is easy on the skin. It can be used to create professional quality straight shape ups.

Other features of this product include:

* Fine cutting blade

* Powerful magnetic motor

* Heavy-duty 8 foot cord with hanger loop

* High quality carbon steel blades

* High speed motor

* Contoured housing design

* Quiet running

* Reasonable sized trimmer

* 120V, 60Hz

This clipper with the T-blade is a top-notch product attributable to men for outlining and fading; its’ fine cutting teeth go for extremely close cuts while its’ carbon steel T-blade is specially hardened and designed for long cutting life. The T-Outliner’s heavy duty 8 foot cord with hanger loop and contoured housing with high-speed motor runs smooth, noiseless and cool. The best part of having this product is that you can have a personalized shaving experience with perfectly adjustable blades. Moreover, the reasonably sized trimmer is designed for sensitive skin types so it will not give you bumps.

The product is manufactured in USA and comes well oiled. It is best suited for both beards and haircuts. Other accessories related to this product include Andis 04521 blade for T-outliner and Andis 23575 for T-outliner. It is oftentimes bought with Andis clipper oil and Andis 12750 cool care plus.

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Features and Specifications

  •     It comes with close-cutting T-Blade, making it very easy to give a precise cut.
  •     Designed especially for outlining and fading that hair cut for a more professional well-groomed look.
  •     The trimmer contours with a high speed motor for ease of holding and an efficient trim.
  •     Comes with Fine-cutting teeth (T- Blade) for extremely close cutting and styling.
  •     Built with a powerful magnetic motor that runs very cool and quiet.
  •     The blades a made of high-quality carbon-steel for longer cutting life.

Power and Performance
This multi-purpose trimmer with T-blade is best for close cuts. Its’ wide blade is excellent because it necessitates fewer strokes. The blades cut really thin but will not cut razor thin yet; these clippers are synonymous to having a barber chair at home.

As far as trimming short hair is concerned, this product works fine but when it comes to trimming beard hair that range around 1/2″ to 3/4″ in length, it just pushes the hair over. Furthermore, the blade is way too wide for mustaches to easily trim the line slightly above the lips.

Heavy-Duty and Eight Foot Cord

Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade is a heavy duty trimmer. It can work for hours without getting hot. It comes with eight-foot cord, giving you a plenty of room to work. Many customers have confirmed that this trimmer is very awesome and wonderful. Its good for anyone looking for a home clipper or professional barbing salon.

Powerful T-Blade
Andis T-Outliner Trimmer is made with carbon-steel T blades which guarantee a long life cutting.  The T-blade is ideal for all all-around outlining, fading, necks, beards, mustaches, and edging around ears. its super fine tooth makes it easily for nice shaping and styling.

The T-Outliner is definitely one of the best trimmers as it offers adjustable blades. It is well known among consumers for its durability and excellent cutting performance; it fits the hand well and is very good for dry shaving. Its’ powerful magnetic motor is best suited for professional styling, outlining, fading and trimming.

* Easy to use and clean

* Very heavy duty and can stand many uses

* Andis blades are very available, affordable, and durable in cases where you need replacement


* One major complaint that consumers of this item point out is the fact that the T-blade gets hot fast; thus making it difficult to hold in the hands and rotate blades. It gets really hot within minutes and you might need to get a cloth to put around it while trimming

* It is extremely hard to adjust the blades to get a sharp hair line trim


Customer Reviews and Scores.
Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade is a really a great trimmer. These trimmers are used for lining up your hair and can cut hair without any after effect pains.

At at the time of writing this review, Andis T-OutlinerTrimmer with T-Blade has over 1670 customer reviews and has been awarded 4.3 star rating out of 5 possible rating.

The overall customer reviews are all positive, but there are few raised. One customer said that, "The blades were old and dull".

However, I noticed that no other person is having the same issue, which perhaps is not a general issue. Other customers said marvelous, must buy, Clean close cut and no irritation! and finally I would recommend this clipper.

Based on all these I would recommend Andis T-OutlinerTrimmer with T-Blade for anyone that is looking for a good professional clipper to buy.

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Your Turn to Decide

Majority of customers recommend this product and are satisfied with its trimming and cutting performance, especially for sensitive skin types. It provides exciting all rounder features and one customer noted ‘these trimmers are supposed to be used just for your head, however they can be used safely on any part of your body and I mean any. It is gentle to the skin.’

If you are a stickler for incredibly close shaves, get the Andis T-Outliner Trimmer with T-Blade. It is excellent for shaping your head and beard; for the price, you simply can’t beat the performance.

In summary,  Andis Professional T-Outliner Trimmer does everything it is supposed to do and according to most users, it does it exceptionally well.

This tool seems to be an extremely high quality trimmer in the mid-price range category. It also does a good job on beards when additional combs are purchased for trimming.

It's a great trimmer! I would recommend it.  

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