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Andis Easy Cut 20-Piece Haircutting Kit (75360) Review

The history of Andis Company dates back to 1921 when Matthew Andis  started making clipper blades with John Oster and Henry Meltzer.

The trio lasted for a year and went their separate ways (each to start his own company back then). Andis immediately developed the electric clipper which was widely accepted.

Till today, barbers and hairdressers prefer Andis.

However, Andis is not just popular for nothing. The company is known for making innovative products that solve problems for the modern man. One of such products is the Andis Easy Cut 20-piece Haircutting kit.

It is an all-in-one product that provides you the convenience of buying one product that contains everything that you need.

This is a product you might want to consider when starting your adventure as a hairstylist or as a barber. It is also a great upgrade if your old clippers and scissors are worn out and you want a new product in your arsenal.

It is currently number one in Amazon’s hair cutting kit category with a 3.8 out of 5 stars rating. It is backed up by more than a 100 reviews.

Product Description

  • The kit contains an adjustable magnetic motor clipper and four attachment combs (with sizes: 1/8“, 1/4″, 3/8“, and 1/2“). 
  • A protective blade guard is also included, alongside a stainless steel shears, barber comb and a lubricating blade oil. 
  • It is considered an all-in-one kit that works for every aspiring hairdresser, barber, and people who are looking for a grooming device that can be used at home.
  • The product is very handy and has a dimension of 10.5 x 3.2 x 6 inches. 
  • It weighs 1.4 pounds. It is light, but not travel light for some. 
  • It’s still compact compared to other products because you have almost everything in one box. 
  • It is available in 2 colors: chrome and silver. 
  • It is made in USA.

Power And Performance

  • The clipper included in the kit features a high speed magnetic motor that can give you 7,200 cutting strokes per minute. The motor is quiet without compromising the power that it provides. 
  • The chassis of the shaver is a break-resistant housing that is engineered and made to last while giving you the comfort-ability that you are looking for.
  • The guide combs are numbered for quick recognition and easier use. It lessens the time you spend looking for the correct size, thus giving you more time to make precise cuts. 
  • The barber scissors definitely gets the job done and it is also made to last. Cutting hair with the scissors is as easy as pie because of its’ sharpness. 
  • It is low maintenance and can last long with proper usage and storage. 

Efficiency is one of the qualities a hairdresser and a barber must have. This Andis hair buzzer provides everything you need for an easy and efficient cutting job. The performance is superb and you can find that top-notch performance in just one kit.


The blade of the clipper included is made of high quality stainless steel. It is not self-sharpening, but it is easy to maintain. A blade oil is included for cleaning. Eight attachment combs are included for an easy cutting experience. It performs well on either dry or wet hair ( with minimal failures).

Design And Durability

The 20-piece kit is simple in design, with no fancy additions. Andis focuses more on giving a premium performance than to include unnecessary attachments. The clippers and scissors are just normal in design as well as the accessories included.

The metal parts of the products included are made with high quality stainless steel while the other parts are made with high quality and durable plastic. This is to ensure that the product lasts through the years and minimizes the problems caused by wear and tear.

  • Rotary Motor Clipper
  • 8 attachment combs: 1/16", 1/8", 3/8", 5/8", 7/8", blending comb and left/right ear tapers
  • 4 safety combs: 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1"
  • Stainless steel shears
  • Tapered barber comb
  • Styling barber comb
  • Blade brush
  • Protective blade guard
  • Blade oil
  • Durable storage case

Like I already said, the kit includes almost everything that would give you an efficient cutting experience.


  •  It is highly affordable
  • A complete set of all the things you need to achieve a decent cut
  • The shears included can last for years
  • The accessories included aren’t cheap; they are high quality products in their own right
  • The kit can be a mainstay at home or be used anywhere
  •  Each guide comb is clearly numbered for quick recognition of sizes


  • The clipper can get loud atimes and you would want to rest it after a long use
  • Vibrations from the clipper may annoy you
  • The product can fit medium sized bags, but it may be heavy for some
  • A few complaints state the blade becomes dull and pulls hair after a few uses


The Andis Easy Cut 20-piece Hair-cutting Kit comes highly recommended if you are just venturing into the world of hairdressing. It is an all-in-one kit and you save the additional cost of buying separate products.

Highly experienced barbers or hair stylists might consider the quality of this product to be average but a beginner would be overwhelmed by all the extras that come with it. He or she would find them handy for an excellent cutting experience.

The durability and quality of this product is not in doubt considering the fact that it can be used for months, or even years, with little or no maintenance.

G. Saunders, a satisfied Amazon customer, attests to this. According to him, “for those who have yet to buy these, just know that they should work perfectly right out of the box”.

Need I say more?  Just like every product out there, this Andis item has its strengths and weaknesses but the former far outweight the latter. If you decide to purchase (for less than $20), please know that you will get what you pay for and this comes with free shipping if you purchase on Amazon.

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