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Best Hair Clippers for Fading 2016

I know many people will like to know how to fade black hair with clippers?  But what is more important is the to get good hair clippers for fades.

I also know that you will always have barbers that lean towards different clippers for many reasons of their own. However after using just about every clipper in the market, nothing competes with the Wahl Senior when it comes to fading.

No mather how you look at it, this is the clipper that once I got my hands on it, I never put it down as far as fades are concerned.

I know barbers like to invest in all the name brand tools from the Oster series to Andis barber clippers, but the Wahl Senior which is not as expensive could get the complete job done with a little finishing assistance from any top quality out-liner.

 I remember when I first started I had to by it all, upwards of $1000.00 in tools. Years later I considered it to be a waste.


The Reason Why I Think the Best Barber Clipper for Fading is the Wahl Senior

 Reason #1 – Why I Think the Best Barber Clipper for Fading is the Wahl Senior

It’s as simple as that. I know that the Oster are a why more powerful tool with special motor, however if you going to do 4-6 haircuts an hour like I do when it is called for, then the senior is my baby. Which I have two senior for when one gets hot, I put the other in the game.


 Reason #2 – Why I believe the Best Barber Clipper is the Wahl Senior

The grip on the senior allows for quick maneuvering and the fade adjuster is right there for quick moving up and down action. When I’m moving about, I don’t have time to play with multiple blades (Osters).

 As far as Andis Masters which I also had more than a few, I never like them for fading. I love them for freestyling for their traditional crisp cut. As far as fading with them, even though I can, they come second to my wahl seniors.

 Reason #3 – Why the Best Barber Clipper for Fading is the Wahl Senior

The wahl taper blades are like the perfect blades for blending low cut fades. With my 20 plus years in the game I believe they are not matched as an all in one clipper for the job. Now like they say in racing, its not the car but the person that is driving the car.

So to me at the end of the day, it’s not the clippers but the person using the tools to achieve an end result that keeps your clients coming back. So if your new t  the game you will have a desire to load up on all the brand tools, but the truth is that wahl senior will get you a long way and make you plenty of money at the same time.

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