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Conair 20-Piece Lithium Ion Haircut Kit Review

When it comes to personal care and grooming, Conair has been one of the foremost manufacturers of quality products for the last couple of decades. Founded in 1959 by Leandro P. Rizzuto, the first set of products that Conair sold were hair dryers and rollers.

After becoming a publicly traded company in the early 1970s, the company went private again in the mid-1980s. There are currently ten product divisions in the company which cater to different target markets.

One of the highly rated products from the company is the Conair 20-Piece Lithium Ion Haircut Kit. It might look like your average hair clipper at first glance but there are really a lot of things that it can do. It is a definite must-have for any home.

Although it is manufactured outside of the United States, it is extremely durable (details of this will be discussed later on). A common misconception among a lot of people is that if a product is not made in the States, it has questionable quality. This haircut kit from Conair is proof that this isn’t true at all. If it were why would they bother giving it a 2 year limited warranty?

This clipper is currently one of the highly rated products under the trimmers and clippers sub-category in Amazon. It has glowing reviews from over 350 customers who have bought and used it. From the statistics, we can safely say more than 90% of people who have bought or used this product were satisfied with its performance.

Product Description

With a weight of 4 ounces, this Conair clipper is one of the lightest available right now. It also has a dimension of 2.5 x 11.8 x 9.2 inches. Its’ compact size and light weight makes it extremely easy to handle and use.

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Power and Performance

Conair describes the motor on this clipper as unique yet powerful and they’re actually right on the mark with the description. Regardless of the kind of hair type you might have, you can expect it to be powerful enough to give you a smooth and efficient cut. It also clips hair at a reasonably fast rate, proving that the motor is really powerful. The clipper also has features that make full use of the direct drive motor’s versatility and power. These features allow it to cut thick and curly hair, regardless of whether it’s dry or wet. However, if you’re in need of a beard trimmer you might want to look at this page before settling on this. You can’t really cut close to the skin using this.

The Blade

Like a lot of clippers, the Conair Haircut Kit has stainless steel blades. Unlike other clippers though, the blades on this clipper are made from hardened stainless steel which enables it cut at unique and really sharp angles. This feature complements the powerful motor perfectly resulting in efficient cuts of all hair types. Maintenance for the blades is actually easy and straightforward and doesn’t need to be done regularly. The kit comes with oil and cleaning brush specifically for this purpose. Since the blade is made from hardened stainless steel there’s little need for it to be sharpened regularly. It might not be self-sharpening but it certainly doesn’t get dull easily.

Design and Durability

The clipper was designed for regular consumers but with professionals in mind. This has resulted in a look that’s simple but full of functionality. Even though it’s not made in the states, the construction of the Conair clipper is without a doubt quite solid.

The company’s research and development department should also be praised for its inclusion of a cord/cordless feature for this product. A lot of times similar companies would forgo cord-based operation in favor of just going cordless. It might sound like a great idea but a lot of products fail mainly because their batteries drain way too easily when used cordlessly. With the lithium ion battery on this clipper though, you’re ensured longer cordless shaves.

Included Accessories

If you’re a professional hair cutter you’ll find all the things you need in this haircut kit from Conair. There are 10 guide combs that can be attached to the clipper for different cuts and lengths of hair. You’ll also get barber scissors, barber cape, styling clip, styling comb and a barber comb. Even if you are not a professional hair cutter, these are still great additions to the kit.

Maintenance and storage is also important so Conair includes a deluxe storage case as well as cleaning brush and oil in the package. The deluxe storage case is extremely useful for organizing the numerous attachments and accessories mentioned above. Although it doesn’t need to be on a regular basis, it’s still important to clean the blades using the cleaning brush and oil to ensure the best performance from the clipper.

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  • The lithium ion batteries last longer and charge faster compared with other clippers. Also has a 15 minute quick charge feature allowing you to use it for 15 minutes cordlessly
  • Guide combs are not only durable but provide a lot of hair clipping and cutting options for the user
  • A powerful motor that doesn’t strain even when used on the thickest of hairs


  • Cleaning the blades might require a bit of tinkering around with the two screws that hold it in place. It’s not hard but it isn’t as efficient as with other clippers
  •  Can’t be used as a trimmer
  • The powerful motor might be a bit loud for some people

Your Turn to Decide

Conair has certainly done a great job with this offering. Sure, the fact that it can’t be used as a trimmer might be a big let-down for some but don’t forget about how good of a clipper it actually is.

The fact that you can use it for quite some time without having to plug it in to a power outlet shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s also hard to ignore how powerful its’ motor is. Overall, you can’t go wrong with the Conair 20-Piece Lithium Ion Haircut Kit. It’s time you used a professional-grade clipper for you and your family’s hair.

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