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How To Choose Best Beard Trimmer

 If you care about your beard, mustache, goatee, stubble and other facial hair, you should go and find the ideal beard trimmer for yourself.

If you surf the internet, you can find a great number of different models and brands on the market, and almost all of them claim to be the best beard trimmer for men. However which one should be well worth and how to choose one that suits your needs? That's a question.

In reality, there are a few simple rules you can follow when selecting a beard trimmer.

First of all, you should figure out your spending budget and decide what standard of device you can afford, cheap, moderate or expensive?

 A top of the line brand is your best favorite or you just try a relatively cheap one to test the water? All of these are up to you.  However, my advice is you should consider other points, not only the brand of a device.

Best Beard Trimmer 2016

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  • Philips SteelWave technology utilizes revolutionary, wave-shaped blades that channel and cut hair for a precise and even trim every time.
  • Hair clipper comb and beard and moustache comb with 9 locking length settings to get the look you want
  • Convenient storage pouch to recharge trimmer and neatly store all attachments
  • Ergonomic design makes it easy-to-use and comfortable to hold
  • Cleaning brush and hair comb included

  • This product is not washable
  • Titanium coated blades- Revolutionary Trimming Technology
  • "Lube for life" blades never need oiling
  • Easy to use zoom wheel adjusts to create 9 length settings
  • Cuts clean with less pulling
  • Rechargeable with LED charging indicator

  • Braun`s most powerful beard trimmer
  • Powerful dual battery system that adjusts to tough beard conditions for an even trim
  • Ultra sharp stainless steel trimming element for defined beard styles
  • Adjustable beard comb with six settings for a perfect stubble or full beard look (1-11mm)
  • Adjustable hair comb with six settings for precisely trimmed hairstyles (10-20mm)
  • High-carbon precision-ground steel blades stay sharp longer
  • Six-position beard regulator with memory function
  • Contoured ergonomic handle with soft-grip pads
  • Operates cordless via battery or plugged into charger
  • Travel pouch included; 3 year limited warranty

  • Integrated vacuum system - vacuum system captures cut hairs for mess-free trimming
  • 18 secured length settings from 1/32 inch up to 23/32 inch (1mm up to 18mm)
  • 1/64 inch (.5mm) stubble setting
  • Turbo power boost button - boosts cutting and fan speed
  • Multifunctional display for battery status and hair length

If you have a clear image of what you need, then it is not difficult to pick and choose the best beard trimmer among numerous models and brands. Apart from the brand, the followings listed are some important elements you should consider when choosing a beard trimmer:
  • Design and ergonomics. Without doubt, a trimmer that comes with ergonomic design allows you to hold it easily and conveniently. Almost every model comes with its own exclusive design. You can easily find one suits your needs.
  • Motor.  A powerful motor can easily cut through even the thick, wet hair textures without pulling up your hair and causing pain. In addition, a solid motor allows for lasting longer. Nobody is happy with replacing trimmers because of motor dying.
  • Waterproof. This is an important feature for best beard trimmer. If your beard trimmer is waterproof, you can shave when you are in the shower or bathtub. This can greatly improve convenience and save you a lot of time.
  • Blades. Different beard trimmer producers tent to feature different blades. Such as, some Remington models feature self-sharpening cutting blades, some Andis models feature close-cutting blades, some Oster models are equipped with detachable Cryogen-x blade, some Wahl models are equipped with stainless steel lubricated blades, and some other brands feature high-carbon steel blades.You can easily find one suits your needs. A best beard trimmer does not come with inferior blades.
  • Maintenance. Some models are maintenance-free.That means you don't need to brush it out and oil it with some lubricating blade oil after each use.
  • Battery. The trimmers generally count on batteries. Nobody is happy with replacing trimmers because of batteries dying. A good battery is very vital for people who are on longer-distance travel and have no chance of recharging.
  • Adjustment. The beneficial feature allows you to maintain your beard at your favorite length. Some models utilize very high precision technology (can be as accurate as 0,5 mm). So you don't worry about over-trimming your beard, mustache, goatee and other facial hair.Flexible adjustment is an important feature for best beard trimmer.

The followings listed are some popular and powerful bread trimmers:

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