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Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper Review (76076-010

If you are looking for a best professional grade clipper with high quality,  power, dependability, performance, durability, value, then the Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper is the best option for you, especially if  you regularly shave your hair. 

Just get the Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper, and  spare yourself the agony of replacing clippers regularly.

Don't waste your money and efforts on any other clippers.  Oster is a brand long associated with quality.

Over the years, the Oster brand of clippers has built a solid reputation in the male grooming industry and many barbers use them to satisfy their clients.

If you need further proof, just go around a few barbers and ask them what brand of buzzer they use. Chances are out of every ten barbers; more than 5 would be using an Oster.

Some people call the Oster Classic 76 the “Cadillac” of clippers and I highly recommend it but you don’t have to take my word for it. Just read on to discover the features of this heavy-duty device.

The popular products throughout the line can ensure that grooming tasks are made as simple as possible, even the ones that include cutting and clipping the hair at home.

Whether you have thick hair and are looking for a way to reduce the length, or are looking for a way to keep thinner hair at bay – the Oster Professional hair clipper can give you the style you want.

It is truly heavy-duty clipper that is built to last. Not only that, it is also equipped with exceptional power, performance and durability. All these allow it to stand out among other clippers.

As we know, the Oster 76 series have been popular for over 80 years, and no one in the world has been able to do something better than their durability,reliability, performance and value.

Believe it or not, if you search around the world, you'll find there are almost no better clippers than the Oster 76 series. It is really a must-have tool for professional stylists or personal groomers.

Product Description

This product comes in several colors (brown, chrome, silver funkadelic, outlaw burgandy black as well as pink) and has a 4.6 out of 5 stars Amazon rating. It has 391 reviews at the time of writing. It has a dimension of 2 x 2 x 7.5 inches and weighs 2 pounds (with a shipping weight of 2 pounds). It is made in the USA and covered by a 12-month warranty.

Power and Performance

This Oster product uses a very heavy duty 45 watt powered motor which provides smooth and fast hair cuts, whether your hair is dry or wet. When compared to the 15 watt motors that non-professional grade clippers use, this item is a real monster and gets the job done effectively. 15 watt motors are known to cause hair pulling and jamming. Even though the motor is a bit loud and the clipper is heavy, the Oster Classic 76 cuts through thick hair like hot knife through butter. It is exceptionally powerful; you just need to experience it to understand the quality of this buzzer.

The Blade                      

When it comes to blades, this Oster product comes with removable Cryogen-X blades. This blade system is exclusive to the Oster brand and it basically involves treating the blades to achieve a harder and denser metal that glides through your hair with a sharper edge. There are thirteen blade sizes.

But the product comes with Size 000 and Size 1 blades which cut to 0.5mm and 2.4mm, respectively. Make sure these are the sizes you want to cut at, or you will end up ordering separate blades. Blades are really fast and easy to change.

However, this product does not have adjustable blades. This seems to be a feature of cheaper hair clippers because many other professional clippers like the Oster do not have it. However, if you need varying blade lengths for your particular hair cut, I recommend you buy one of their comb kits; it saves you time and money. Oster comb attachments work like charm for different styles and lengths. I recommend them over the generic brand. If you invest in the metal blades in different sizes, your cuts will be much more polished and fades look immaculate. If you can’t purchase the metal blades, then get the plastic ones. But remember they won’t cut nearly as clean; they are good for beginners. 

Design and Durability

This hair groomer is built to last (blades are replaceable and the motor is serviceable, meaning it will be around for a long time). It is designed for heavy usage (barbers and the like). As I earlier said, this product is heavy when compared to standard consumer models (but can still be mastered with regular usage). It comes in a straight cylindrical design (which makes for a better grip) while the casing is constructed using the very strong valox material/plastic. The On/Off switch is a little strange, but positioned on the back where it is less likely to be accidentally tripped. The power cord is very sturdy and the length is good. It never curls up around itself like the cables for cheap clippers.With proper care, this item can last you a life time (and this is no joke).


Blade guard

Blade oil

Clipper grease

Cleaning brush

Instruction Manual in several languages

Features of the Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper:
  • The powerful clipper can be used in thick hair without being required to thin the hair before cutting. Powerful, heavy duty universal motor helps cut thick, wet hair easily, smoothly, evenly and speedily
  • Heavy duty motor can easily accommodate wet hair without having to dry the hair before trimming
  • Accessories include blade oil, grease for clippers, blade guard, clipper cleaning brush, instruction sheet and the #1 and #000 detachable x-blades
  • Easy-to-use detachable Cryogen-x blade system allows you to change thirteen blade sizes easily and quickly while clipping. Detachable blade system can allow for easy changing of the blades
  • Thirteen blade sizes to choose from 
  • Strong valox material ensures adequate durability, not easily damaged
  •  Size #1(OS-918-08) and #000(OS-918-02) detachable Croygen-x blades included. 
  • Bonus blade guard, clipper grease,cleaning brush,blade oil and instruction manual included 
  • Backed by a one-year warranty  


1.   Powerful performance -
With a powerful, heavy duty universal motor, the Oster classic 76 hair clipper can move powerfully, efficiently and easily through thick and wet hair in only one pass without going slower or seizing up your hair (you can notice some cheap, inferior clippers often do this).

You need just less than 8 minutes to complete the whole process. No missed areas or no stray hairs remain. This allows you to get a clean, fast, comfortable cutting. In addition, the Oster classic 76 hair clipper works very quietly without terrible vibration.

All these ensure that you have a comfortable clipping experience, just like having a best professional grade barber at your own home.

2.  Heavy duty -
The Oster classic 76 hair clipper is made in the USA.It is made with solid materials instead of cheap plastic, making it unbreakable. If you hold it in your hands, you can easily feel that it is a high quality, solid and reliable tool that certainly can last for years. Some users report it has lasted for five years and the blades stay sharp and still works well as if it is new.

3.   Ease to use -
The Oster classic 76 hair clipper comes with detachable professional Cryogen-x blade system(includes a Size 000 very close blade,size 1 blade and other ten optional blades) that allows you to change thirteen blade sizes easily and quickly while clipping. It is really fast and easy to remove and replace blades for different types of cutting. Cleaning and maintenance are very simple. Every one can do that. This hair features an easy to operate On/Off switch and it is very comfortable to handle it.

4.   Completely replaceable and serviceable -
 Oster Classic 76 hair clippers are designed to last a lifetime. If some units stop working, such as the main power switch, brush sets, clipper lever, and power cord, you'll not have to throw them in the garbage because you can easily replace them with new ones and let them work for you again.

5    Perfect for professionals

6    Does not overheat despite being heavy duty. If you experience the blade getting too hot try using some oil on the blade before you start it up

7     Blade removal and replacement is fast and easy. All you do is turn the clippers off, push the current blade back, pop it up, put on a new one and push it in

8     Cleaning is fairly straightforward

    It doesn’t struggle with thick hair, cuts easily, no pulling whatsoever

10   You can cut your own hair with this device 



1.   The price is a bit high. The Oster Classic 76 is considered the "Cadillac" of clippers. So do not compare it with some cheap Remingtons, Wahls, Conairs clippers. It's really a smart choice to buy this, instead of buying 4-5 other brands for $20 or so every year.

2.   It tends to get hot if you run it too long (more than one hour of continual use). If you use it at home, that's not a problem. (Who uses it so long at home?) A good method of fixing this issue is to Oster Kool Lube Spray for lubricating and cooling the blades.

3.   It is not stylish. So if you are a fashionista and need a sleek or modern-looking clipper, this may be not your best option.

Your Turn to Decide

The clipper housing is created with heavy duty valox material that has proven to be practically unbreakable, perfect for regular use at home or in the salon.

The unique cryogen x-blade system can be detached from the clipper and interchanged with various sizes of blades. The easy to use blades stay sharp longer and make changing the blades quick and simple. With more than thirteen blade sizes that are available, it has never been easier to get the right size to get the right length of hair.

The classic clipper blade system comes with all of the accessories that are going to be needed to create short hairstyles, outlining and other types of styles. With rave reviews online, the popular clipper is a great choice for those seeking professional quality clipping at home.

Buying through online marketplaces can be a great way to save up to forty percent off of the regular price and take advantage of free shipping offers, using the kits to get all of the accessories throughout the line.

With the Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper, you really get what you pay for. It is a solid piece of professional equipment which makes barbing easy. No wonder it is endorsed and used by legions of barbers.

It is pricier than other models (which provide false savings and require regular replacements) but you can’t go wrong with this purchase. It is perfect for professionals and home users alike. 

Currently is offering free shipping and a generous 39% discount for the Oster Classic 76 Professional Hair Clipper.  This is a massive savings of $73.37 off the retail price,so be sure to take advantage of this offer while it lasts! Click here to buy now

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