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Oster Hair Clippers Review - Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper

As one of the famous Oster hair clippers, the Oster Fast-Feed Clipper features one of the best blends of value, power and usability. It’s light-weight and maneuverable enough to cut your hair at home. It’s also powerful enough for you to mow through thick hair — yet not so fast that it’s going to get away from you.

If you’re looking for a clipper which works efficiently and can last you for years into the future then this model is definitely worth considering.  Find out more features in this comprehensive review.

 The John Oster Company is well-known for manufacturing small appliances. They started producing hair clippers in 1924 and now they have another great product that would make your life easier.

 The Oster Professional Fast Feed Clipper is one of the latest additions to Oster’s arsenal of high quality products. The Fast Feed features an adjustable-blade clipper that can easily finish the job. It gets the job done easily with the help of the Whisper Quiet pivot motor. The motor is twice as powerful as a magnetic motor. In terms of noise performance, it is extremely quiet compared to other clippers.

The Fast Feed is currently one of the best clippers out there. It is relatively cheap and you can avail it for only $55 on Amazon. It also has a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon (with over 600 reviews at the time of writing). This means the product is trusted by many consumers and users.

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Adjustable blade

The clipper comes with adjustable blades which accommodate various hairstyles at various lengths and thinning action which ranges from the actual shortest of the short, to the medium length hairstyles. All those help create maximum versatility while cutting. The clipper has four grooming combs (including 1/2 inch, 1/4 inch, 3/8 inch and blending), and you can purchase additional ones if you want.
 The Blade

Compared to other consumer buzzers, you feel a big difference between the Fast Feed and the others. The included blade in the Fast Feed is precise and sharp. It can still cut fast and go through hair like knife through butter even after a hundred uses.

Cleaning the blade is easy. You just need to brush off the top of the blade, add a little drop of oil or two and you can use it again. Unlike the other clippers, you only need a Philips head screwdriver to disassemble and clean the blades.

The Fast Feed’s blade performs to expectation. You just need to clean and maintain it regularly to achieve optimum performance every time.


The Whisper Quiet pivot motor gives 12 amps of power. It is 50% stronger and more efficient than an 8 amp motor found in most of the consumer grade clippers. The power is more than enough to cut thick hairs. The noise level is also excellent and not irritating.

Cutting human hair with the Fast Feed is a piece of cake and at a reasonable speed. It performs above average when shearing other hairs such as horse and sheep’s hair, but if you are not contented with the Fast Feed, you can opt for the higher end Oster Classic 76.

This model includes a 12 amp pivot motor. This supplies considerably more power than the standard magnet motors found in less costly clippers. As a result, this clipper is powerful enough to cut through thick, wet, or wiry hair with ease. “I can get through almost three heads before it gets warm to the touch,” says a reviewer who has been cutting hair for fifteen years.

Comfortable to hold

The clipper itself feels a little bit smaller than most other sets. You can hold and maneuver it comfortably around your head. The power cord of this clipper is nice and heavy duty, which makes it more durable. The cord’s weightiness also means it stays straight so it doesn’t get tangled up with you, and this is often a pain while you’re cutting your own hair with some corded clippers.

 Design and Durability

The Fast Feed is compact and lightweight and it suits hairdressers and barbers that are always on call. It easily fits the palm, but it is still comfortable to hold. Other clippers that are small can make you feel uneasy when used for a long duration, but the Fast Feed is top-notch in terms of comfort-ability.

It has an 8-foot power cord and it is long enough for you to reach far sockets. The clipper blade allows you to have a very close cutting size of 0000 and up to a medium length (size 1). The product includes 4 guide combs, a blade guard, lubricating oil and a cleaning brush.

The design of the Fast Feed is very convenient and it enables you to cut very quickly. The blade lever allows you to change settings easily, giving you a quicker cutting experience.

The chassis is made of plastic. It looks flimsy at first, but when you get a hold of it, you will feel the durability that comes with it. The plastic doesn’t compromise the quality. Changing to a plastic chassis reduces the price without trading off the durability and quality of the clipper.

The Fast Feed doesn’t come with a wide array of attachment guards. The guards are not that good, but you can always get another set of guards if you decide to do away with the guards that come with it. Oster focused more on the clipper itself and just included mediocre items with it.

There is no hard case to protect the clipper. Even if there is an included hard case, I would still suggest you pick another case because, like I said earlier, Oster focused on the clipper itself and included accessories that are just average in terms of quality.

An attachment set is sold separately by Oster. If you are looking for accessories that are top notch and you have money to spare, get the attachment set. It comes with a bag, extra oil, stiff brush, etc.

It would really be nice if Oster included its own set of accessories instead of you having to purchase another pack of accessories (which is an extra expense).


* It feels comfortable to hold and is durable

* It has top-notch blades and is a tad better than other consumer blades

* The power chord is 8-foot long and it can reach sockets that are far and can still give you enough wire length to work. The build quality is superb too and it won’t easily break

* The grip feels very comfortable too

* The motor is the best asset of this product. It is powerful and quiet at the same time


* The accessories that come with it are mediocre

* The open and close lever doesn’t have markings and it may confuse you on the first few uses

* The lever that adjusts the blade tends to come loose


Other features & specifications

• Optional blade sets for longer hair

• Whisper quiet operation

• Accurate cutting while you’re using the razor to create hair removal or precision hairstyles

• Accessories included in the package; blade guard, adjustable blade, cleaning brush, multiple guide combs and blade oil

Final Verdict

While doing research for this Oster Fast-Feed Clipper review, I found over 1200 helpful customer reviews at Amazon. Right now, the Oster Fast-Feed Clipper gets an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars. One criticism of the clipper is that the blades are not exactly zero-overlap closeness.

I’m guessing that truly skin tight trim is actually not a show-stopper for most people and it might not be realistic to expect some clippers with adjustable blades which are variable from skin tight to 1/8″. Overall this Oster hair clipper is a great set of clippers which is leagues ahead of the many cheapo models.

Overall, the Oster Professional Fast Feed Clipper doesn’t fall short of the standard that Oster has set in terms of clippers. It is definitely not up to par with the Oster Classic 76, but it outclasses other consumer grade clippers out there.

The motor is great and powerful. It is top-notch and can easily get the job done. Oster managed to combine a powerful and quiet clipper in one. If you think the pros are worth spending for, then pick the Fast Feed and you won’t regret your decision.

It is a long term investment and can easily be maintained. The Fast Feed is definitely an item that can last long and still work with optimum performance.

This one is bang-for-the-buck and according to B. Dam, a satisfied Amazon customer, “for the price, you can’t beat it for home use.”

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