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Philips Norelco BG2040/34 Bodygroom 7100 Review

For those who don’t know, Norelco is a brand name under the Consumer Lifestyle division of Dutch technology company, Philips. Founded in 1891 by Gerald Philips, the company has a wide range of interests in various fields namely in Healthcare, Lifestyle, and also Lighting.

The company is actually more recognized for their lighting solutions as opposed to their shavers and other grooming products. This doesn’t mean though that their shavers or other grooming products aren’t any good. In fact there’s one that’s become a best seller on the Amazon Marketplace.

The Philips Norelco BG2040/34 BodyGroom 7100 is an all-in-one grooming solution created for both men and women. Unlike most products, this has a dual-ended design that makes it extremely versatile for both trimming and shaving.

Norelco decided to outsource the production of the BG2040/34 from China. Contrary to what you might be expecting from a product made outside the US, the quality is actually good. The overall performance is solid too. Proof of that is the number of customer reviews (over 2,200) it has garnered on Amazon.

Currently, it is the number one best-selling product in Amazon’s Personal Groomers category. Out of the 2,200 reviews it has, close to 1900 customers gave it  5-star rating. The versatility of its features as well as the durability of the product is one reason it has gotten this popular among Amazon consumers. The fact that it has a 2-year warranty from Philips makes it an even more desirable purchase for a lot of people who are looking for a clipper/shaver.

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Product Description

With a weight of 8 ounces and dimensions of 3.5 x 6.7 x 9.6 inches, the BG2040/34 is comfortable enough and just the right size for a cordless trimmer.

Power and Performance

In terms of power, the BG2040/34 might not have the most powerful of motors but it still gets the job done. Whether you’re using it as a shaver or a clipper/trimmer, the motor has more than enough power to ensure that you have a smooth and efficient trim or shave. As a trimmer, not only will it cut fast but it’ll also do so through any length and thickness of hair. You also wouldn’t need to bother with attachments and add-ons since the trimmer is adjustable and allows for 5 length settings. For trimming, or shaving your beard altogether, the shaver has a 3-D shaving head for a shave that’s skin-friendly. The head also has pre-trimmers. This means you’ll have no need to go over a certain area of your skin twice.

The Blade

Norelco is aware of the fact that some trimmers cause more harm than good for people who have sensitive skin. For this reason, they made sure to use rounded blades to prevent scratches on the skin of the user. What this means is that it is suitable for use on any part of your body. The same thing could be said of the shaving head. It actually conforms to the contours of the body which makes it very effective while keeping your skin safe. The blades are also self-sharpening so there’s no need for you to worry about maintenance.

Design and Durability

You could say that the Philips Norelco BG2040/34 BodyGroom 7100 is the best designed grooming product nowadays. Its’ dual end-design is certainly pleasing to look at but it’s not just about looks. It is also a fully functional product and not just a gimmick that Norelco’s design team thought up.

One thing that the designers of this trimmer and shaver combo did right is its’ indicator lights. It features a LED indicator that actually tells you when it’s fully charged. It also serves as an indicator for your battery.

The handle and side panels are also ergonomically designed. Whether it’s wet or dry, you’ll have no worries gripping it comfortably. It’s also waterproof, making it safe to use before, after, or even during your shower. It should also be noted that this grooming product is mainly designed with men in mind.

The misconception that products made in USA aren’t durable is completely not true. If you’re looking for proof, you need not look further than this all-in-one grooming solution.


As mentioned earlier, you need not worry about clipper/trimmer attachments with the BG2040/34. With that said, it still comes with certain accessories that add more to its functionality. One of these is the charging stand. This eliminates the need for you to constantly have the whole product plugged in.

Other than the charging stand, there’s an included XS trimming comb. You’re probably not going to need this though since you can just use the shaving head if you want to trim/shave really close to the skin.

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  • You get two grooming products in one. The dual-end design is not only innovative and ingenious, it also works well
  •  Safe to use even when wet. You can use this even while you’re showering. Performance also doesn’t take a hit when it gets wet.
  •  LED indicator for charging and battery level actually works


  •  Shaver function isn’t as good as the trimmer. Might cause nicks when set to 0
  •  Charging stand might be too large for some people and might also cause unnecessary clutter
  • Some users have had issues with regard to charging. No option for wired use.

Your Turn to Decide

The Philips Norelco BG2040/34 BodyGroom 7100 is not just about fancy gimmicks and features. The dual-end design is more than just a novelty since it actually works. Although not as good as the trimmer, the shaver is still functional and will give you more than decent results.

If you’re a man, the BG2040/34 BodyGroom 7100 is something that you shouldn’t be without. This is a grooming product that any man will find handy in managing facial and body hair. Whether you need to have body hair trimmed or your facial hair shaved, you’re sure to get the results that you desire when you use this product. What are you waiting for? Check it out and give it a trial right now.

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