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Review of Remington HC5550AM Precision Power Haircut and Beard Trimmer

Remington Products is actually an off-shoot company of E. Remington and Sons. If you’re not familiar with them, they’ve been one of the best and most influential firearms manufacturers dating back to the 19th century.

This personal care company came onto the scene in the years leading up to the Second World War when Remington Rand came up with the idea for the Remington Model E. After this event, everything became a part of history.

The Remington HC5550AM Precision Power Haircut and Beard Trimmer is one of the latest products that the company is offering. It truly has come a long way from the Model E and this shows in its technical specifications.

Like a lot of products nowadays, the HC5550AM is manufactured in USA. You might think this is detrimental to its quality and performance but the truth of the matter is that it isn’t. Not by a long shot. Remington Products ensures their shavers qualify for the discerning tastes of their clients. This is why they enforce strict quality control guidelines for their products.

If this were a product that wasn’t up to snuff, Remington wouldn’t give it a five year warranty right. Currently, this product has close to a four star rating on Amazon and over 500 reviews (out of which 493 customers gave it a five star rating). It may not be the best-selling product in its’ category but it definitely isn’t a pushover.

 Product Description

The Remington HC5550AM weighs one pound and has dimensions of 4 x 5.8 x 10 inches. It also has a shipping weight of 1.2 pounds (includes the packaging/box it would be shipped in).

Power and Performance

At the heart of every electric clipper is the motor. It’s the same on the HC5550AM. To say the least, it has a very powerful motor that would make short work of the thick beard that’s been growing on your face for the last couple of months.

Whether your hair is wet or dry, the pro power motor will remain as powerful as the day you bought the clipper/trimmer. You also would have no need to worry about it being bogged down because it has a turbo boost feature to give it extra power if the situation demands. The motor (and the unit itself) has 110 volt requirement, remember this if you plan to bring this product with you on a vacation.

The Blade

A powerful motor on an electric clipper will only be as effective as the blades attached to it. The titanium coating of the blades on the HC5550AM is one of its’ best features. Aside helping you trim thick patches of hair/beard, it also ensures that the motor lasts longer by helping reduce vibration. These are also self-sharpening blades so there’s no need for you to buy bottles of blade oil for maintenance. Since the blades used on this clipper are titanium coated they tend to last much longer than the electronic clipper you’re replacing. They also make them perform better.

Design and Durability

If there’s one thing that you can rely on with products that Remington Products makes, it would have to be their durability. The Remington HC5550AM is one of the products that showcase this design philosophy that’s focused on functionality and durability. The company made sure that this clipper was not only ergonomic but safe to use. You won’t worry about losing your hold on it because of its rubberized grips.

It also features a quick wash system that makes it extremely easy to clean up. There’s also a digital battery indicator to remind you when it needs to be charged. Charging won’t be a problem because it’s designed to charge on your laptop or computer’s USB port. This is great when you’re traveling in other countries that still have power outlets running on 220 volts.

Included Accessories

The Remington HC5550AM ships with a couple of attachments and accessories that further add value to what is already a great product. There are mainly three clipper attachments for various beard and hair lengths. These are also easy to wash and put on the clipper.

Aside from these attachments, the unit also comes with a wall charger. However, the wall charger will not work on a 220 volt power outlet. Since this clipper was designed with the modern man in mind, Remington made sure to include a USB charger together with this unit.


  •  Great design and even better construction quality. This is evident with the no slip grip and digital timer features
  • The Pro Power Motor is twice as fast as any other motor you’ll find in competing clippers/shavers
  •  Really easy to wash and clean. The combination of its titanium coated blades and quick wash system is great for people who are lazy when it comes to cleaning up their electronic shavers


  •  Some customers have commented on the mediocre quality of the clipper attachments. These seem to be isolated cases though
  •  It could also use a fourth clipper attachment for finer hair. It might be possible to get a hold of one though but it will probably require you to shell out a little more
  •  Lack of a light indicator to signal that it’s finished charging

Your Turn to Decide

The Remington HC5550AM Precision Power Haircut and Beard Trimmer can be used corded and cord-free. It will operate cordlessly for up to 40 minutes at a time. With 15 length settings for complete trimming control, this product gives you the same kind of results your barber would give you at home.

Is this the right clipper for you? The HC5550AM is for you if you prefer a clipper that combines functionality with durability. You really can’t go wrong with its’ Pro Power Motor, titanium-coated blades, quick wash system, and USB charging features.

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