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Wahl Hair Clippers Review - Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit

A hair cutting kit is often one of the best options you have when you’ve decided that it’s time to upgrade your previous clipper to a new one.

I will start by simply stating that Wahl is one of my favorite brands when it comes to affordable and quality hair clippers. Their products tend to come with features that provide the most even and precise cuts.

This holds true with the Wahl 79300-400. It has a little bit of everything that most consumers are looking for.

The Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit is a product the famous Wahl Hair Clippers and it allows one to get high quality haircuts in the comfort and ease of his/her home. Read detail information about this hair clipper below.

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•  Soft touch grip for control and comfort.

•  Ideal for head and total body shaving.

•  Self-sharpening blades made from high-carbon steel are precision ground to remain sharp longer.

•  Color coded keys help to make it easy to correspond the proper comb to the right setting
•  Every time you cut, Color coded guide combs make it very easy to remember your preferred hair length.

•  Accessories include blade oil, barber quality scissors, both a barber comb and a styling comb, a cleaning brush and a storage case for the purpose of easy transportation..

  • Color Coded Guide Combs – Colors based on different sizes/sutting lengths. Makes it simple to color coordinate everyone’s hair clipper length based on whichever style they are getting done.
  • Sharpens Itself – As you are clipping, the unique high-carbon steel blades are set at the perfect angles to literally stay sharp much longer than traditional sets.Grip Handle – Ergonomically designed to better-fit your hand, making it much less likely that you’ll suffer from fatigue half way through your styling session. Also contributes to better handling and control.
  • Can Be Used ‘All Over’ – The Wahl 79300 is not designed for a specific part of your body. You are able to use it for your head, chest, or elsewhere and still experience excellent clipping.Compact Design – Looks great and stores well in the provided storage case.
  • Priced to Afford – Found on sale from $20 on up, it’s best to find an online store to buy it from since brick and mortar stores tend to have higher prices.
  • Loved By – Ranked #1 in the ‘Trimmers & Clippers’ category with a solid 4.5 star average rating!

  • A very small amount of users have complained about there being a noise issue. Stating that it’s somewhat loud.
  • Difficult to find ‘on sale’ at local stores.

Customer Review

I expected this clipper to be a cheap option for quick haircuts. Earlier I’ve purchased a variety of hair trimmers from several manufacturers, and those light plastic cheap devices always broke within a few months, even used moderately. It’s just like that they weren’t made to deal with a man’s glorious mane.

But this clipper, however, is solid and sturdy, with a heavy metal casing which really gives this trimmer some weight. I feel like that with it, I could crack open walnuts, or protect the realm from invading armies.

You will have an expectation of a glorified hair clipper in a festive mood when you look at its packaging. That is to say, it’s curvy and colorful and bright, and this may suggest it’s going to be fragile or under powered. But no – this trimmer has gravitas, and you know this from the moment it’s picked up, and then continue to hammer in nails rapidly through hardened steel.

I turned on Wahl 79300-400 Color Pro 20 Piece Complete Haircutting Kit and was quite pleased with the powerful, roaring war cry it emitted. Of course, it is a bit on the loud side, but a lot of awesome things.

Then I ran this trimmer through the brutal obstacle course on my head, throwing countless armies of brambled follicles. The trimmer had one look and with relaxed fury, it mowed them down, literally cutting them down to the size you want (eight available with this clipper). I was quite impressed that I went out and with this clipper I trimmed some tree branches and the lawn (which work best using the 3/4″ attachment).

The case gets the job done, however it does lack any type of inner organization – for example, it doesn’t have anything to slot the attachments into. Things will jumble around and go disorganized, but this is just a minor complaint. It has enough room for some another attachments besides the included stock.

In summary:
I  highly recommended. Now Grab you this Wahl hair clipper and unleash the great mightiness.

Hold it high above your new clean-cut head and breathlessly watch lighting bolts dancing behind you when you part the heavens in the magnificence.

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