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How To Choose Hair Clippers For Dogs

Having a pet, especially a dog, can be a source of entertainment. 

Besides that, it can be a form of relaxation and pets can be a huge stress reliever.

 Having a dog also has its own ups and downs. One downside is that you need to clean and groom them regularly. Do you want to have a pet with long nails, messy hair and dirty furs? 

Of course, nobody wants to. 

I’ll be guiding you on how to choose the right hair clipper for your dog. It is one aspect of pet grooming that you don’t want to ignore. 

A well groomed dog reduces the risk of your pet having fleas and also makes your pet presentable. It can make your pet more desirable to befriend and hygienic (so you don’t have to worry about them making your furniture or home dirty).

What To Look For In a Clipper For Your Dog

Choosing hair clippers for dogs is somewhat similar to that of human hair, but there are minor differences that you might want to look at. 

You wouldn’t want to just pick a random hair clipper from the department store and realise it isn’t powerful enough to groom your dog

You want to make sure you buy a suitable groomer, so here are the factors to consider.

*   If you just need to trim your dog and or maintain its’ hair at a minimal level, you don’t need to get high-end hair clippers. Most of the time, an inexpensive buzzer can do the job. You don’t really need to spend a grand when all you want to do is minimal cutting.

*  If you are considering to groom your dog with different styles every now and then, you need to get a shearer with adjustable blade combs. This enables you to choose the length that you need; it is more versatile than cheap clippers with a fixed cutting length. The products with this adjustable feature are also more durable and powerful. They can make your cutting and grooming experience easier; their cheap counterparts may malfunction early or have a problem in terms of cutting the thicker parts of your dog’s hair.

*   If you want to step up to the highest level and pursue dog grooming not just as a past time, but to have it as a part time or full time job, you will need a professional hair clipper. It has all the features you need and is far more durable than other hair clippers. These professional hair clippers also have several settings that can assist you in hair cutting. You can have a variety of blades and combs that you can use for different purposes.

*  Try to weigh if you want a cordless or a corded device. Cordless clippers may run out of battery while you are using it. It is portable and can get rid of the cord that may disturb you while doing your job. If you want continuous power and you are not irritated by the cord, then you can get the corded hair clipper. Most of the corded hair clippers are cheaper than the cordless ones.

* Be sure to check if the buzzer you are buying comes with a lubricating oil (for maintenance). It can reduce your expenses and lessen the worries of your hair clipper 

*  You also need to check the blades included. The blades are labeled by numbers, the lower the number, the more hair would be left on your dog. The more blades included in the package you get, the more options you will have and you can be more versatile in cutting.

*  When choosing the blade that you will use, you need to consider the type of fur that your dog has. Find out what the best blade to use for your dog is. If you have a friend or know someone with the same breed, ask them for tips on what blade to pick.

*  Look at the guide combs included. Guide combs are plastic combs that you attach to the hair cutter for an even cut.

*  Choosing a clipper with an ergonomic handle lessens the risk of having strain on your elbow or wrist. It is also more comfortable to use than buzzers with a non-ergonomic handle.

*  Always check the materials used on the build of the shearer. Check if it is made of durable housing and make sure that an accidental drop won’t break it easily.

*  The most important thing that you need to look at is the motor. The motor is the heart of the shaver; if it is weak, your hair clipper is also weak. High-speed motors can get the job done easily. Check if it is powerful enough to cut through thick hairs and without problems.

*  Set your own budget. Do not get past your budget because a hair clipper is not a need, it is just a want. If you don’t have money to spend, have a specific budget range for it. Look for clippers within your budget range. There are plenty of them out there and you just need to take your time in searching for the right clipper for you.

Human clippers certainly don’t have the speed required to get through most coarse coated breeds. Also keeping the blade oiled is good, but better still, you need to keep the blade cool with a blade wash.

List of 3 Top-rated Dog Hair Shearers 

Having a hard time choosing your dog’s grooming kit? Here are three of the best dog clippers you would want to look at. 

You can never go wrong with any of these but it is up to you to choose what clipper you would want to avail.

*   Oster A5 Turbo 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper

This model is manufactured by Oster, a leading brand in the hair clipper industry. 

This product has been in existence for 30 years, but is still kicking the butt of other contenders. Majority of dog groomers and pet owners are trained to use this buzzer.

 Even though the design isn’t fancy, it can definitely get the job done. This product has a solid 4.1 out of 5 possible stars (with over 1200 reviews at the time of writing). 

308 reviewers gave the product full five stars and this is proof that customers find it useful (even though it’s a bit noisy). 


Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Professional Animal Clipper with Locking Blade

The Andis AGC 2-Speed Clipper is perfect if you want a quiet hair clipper. It has a silent motor, making it less irritating. The silent motor doesn’t reduce the power and the motor is powerful enough for your cutting jobs. 

This hair cutter is also lightweight and it can reduce aches in your wrist. The compact size is also a viable option for people who prefer portable buzzers. It is pricier than the Oster 2-Speed Dog Clipper but gets the job done. 

It has a solid 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars with over 400 reviews at the time of writing. 346 reviewers have full confidence in this product and gave it full 5 stars (what other proof do you need to know the quality of this animal clipper?


Andis UltraEdge AGC Super 2-Speed Animal Clipper

The ultra edge is the top of the line on the Andis range of clippers. It will go through all the breed coats even when severely matted. Most groomers use the ultra edge because the speed of the motor is faster than the AGC 2 and it is more powerful

 This model is the best on my list. It is used by consumers, enthusiasts and professionals that want to have quality and precise cuts. It can save you time when cutting more than one dog, or if you work in a pet grooming salon wherein people wait in line to get their dogs groomed.
It is also very quiet, light and easy to use. It is more expensive than the two buzzers mentioned before, but the high price point is compensated by the quality, durability and features of this product. It has over 160 reviews at the time of writing with 113 consumers giving it full 5 stars. 

It has a solid 4.3 out of 5 possible stars. The blades are easy to remove and replace. The blades are numbered based on length.  A #30 will leave hair only eight tenths of a milimeter long whereas a 3 blade will leave hair 13 milimeters long. The lower the blade number, the longer the hair. 

When it comes to hair clippers for dogs, these are my suggestions, get one of these buzzers and you will not regret.They are worth every penny you spend on them.

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